Civil Construction

Willamette Valley Excavating provides excavation, grading and underground utility services. Generally, we do site work for a new building or development, government projects that require excavation for new streets or new utilities, or home owners who need excavation, grading, drainage and sewer lines. Yet we are not limited to just the things listed above. We are always looking for new projects that can utilize our skills and services

Constructing The Future

Excavation can be a vague word and sometimes needs more of a description. Digging and grading can sometimes be misinterpreted to be just digging a hole or moving rock around until it looks flat. Most jobs must meet certain elevation grades, creating contours and flow lines that meets the plans requirements. The last thing you want is someone building a gravel driveway to your garage just to find out in the winter months that the flow of water is right into your garage. We work with precision equipment and instruments to make sure that what we do is accurate. We make sure that we do not over-excavate or re-work a job which would cause us to use more materials and take completion times. This attention to detail saves the customer time, money and a lot of headaches.

Underground Infrastructure

The underground utilities we provide are sewer, storm and fire water lines. We also provide excavation and back-fill services for electricians, plumbers and mechanical plumbing. With our experienced crews plus the necessary equipment, we are accurate and efficient to make sure any utility project, large or small, is done right and on time.