Modern Tech For Modern Construction

Having the right experienced people is our key to success, but even the best can be better. With that in mind, we have embraced the technologies of today making projects go faster, cost less, and be built with a higher grade of quality. Using satellites to pin point the location of the receiver, GPS software and equipment give our crews a competitive edge in the construction industry. When using GPS on a hand held device (called a Rover,) we can determine elevations anywhere on the site, create layouts for utility runs, or determine a certain quantity of a stock pile or excavation. Using GPS with our heavy equipment, the operator now always knows where he is at and where he needs to be with real time cut/fills. He is also able to do away with the need for a grade checker, saving costs and keeping others more safe by mitigating the need for others to come close to the heavy machinery. In the long run, GPS technology adds safety, efficiency, and accuracy to all of our projects, passing the savings on to our clients.