wve  015Global Positioning System

Having the right experienced people is our key to success, but even the best can be better. So we have embraced the technologies of today making projects go faster, cost less and with a higher grade of quality. Using GPS software and equipment gives our crews a competitive edge against the competition, by enhancing their skills and abilities. GPS uses satellites to pin point the location of the receiver, either on a hand held device or on a piece of equipment. Using the GPS on the hand held device to determine elevations anywhere on the site, layout for utility runs, or determine a certain quantity of a stock pile. Using GPS on equipment gives the operator real time elevations and cuts/fills in the cab. The operator always knows where he is at and where he needs to be. Having this keeps others safe, by not having to enter in the danger zone of a piece of equipment to let the operator know what there elevations are. GPS on equipment also has what they call machine control. This enables the operator to let the GPS control the machine, to a certain extent, by controlling the blade making every pass perfect and to grade. In the long run saves time, money and wear and tear on equipment.